Phillips has confirmed he is ready for the World Cup

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Phillips has confirmed he is ready for the World Cup despite playing just 14 minutes this season.

England midfielder Calvin Phillips insists. He is fit for the World Cup. Despite playing just 14 minutes in the Premier League this season.

The Manchester City midfielder has plagu with injuries since his £45 million move to the club and has only played 14 minutes for the club. Including just recovering from an injury just 1 week before the call after shoulder surgery. He admitted he was only able to give full weight in a gym workout just two days. Before he was call up by England.

“Before Manchester City’s game against Brentford (last game before the World Cup) I was just going to the gym before the game. and put full weight on my legs for the first time. Which is fine, no problem.”

“My shoulder surgery went well. I had the surgery seven and a half weeks ago, it actually took me 12 weeks to recover, but I did a lot more than I had to. for the body to recover faster Because I want to come and play in the World Cup. and now I have arrived.”

Phillips was one of the key players in the England squad at the Euro 2020 tournament where England finished runners-up. And he has a total of 23 games with the national team.