Will you continue to be a Manchester United player?

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Will you continue to be a Manchester United player? Ronaldo opens up about his future with the Red Devils after the World Cup.

Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo has spoken about his future after the 2022 World Cup during an interview

On Thursday night, Ronaldo’s interview was aired in part two, following on Wednesday night. And there is an issue that talks about his future with the agency in January.

“It’s hard to answer right now. Because I’m focused on the World Cup. Obviously when I’m at the club I want to help the team get to where it should be. But it’s hard because they try to interrupt you and don’t want you to shine and they never listen to your advice.”

“I think I know what the team should do. Because success is about both the individual and the collective. which I would be of great help But the infrastructure of the club is worse than many realize.

“When I’m silent, they criticize me. But when I spoke, they hit me even harder. But it’s something I can handle. And now that I come out and say it, it will disappoint some people. But I say what happened. It’s hard to say that I won’t be going back to the club at this time, but still.. let’s see what happens next.

When asked about offers from other clubs, Ronaldo replied: “It’s true. But many media outlets say that I am not wanted. Or that no team wants me, that’s completely untrue. I had a good time at Manchester United last year but the press dared to say that other teams didn’t want me. They really don’t want a player who scores 32 goals a year?”